Friday, December 22, 2006


The Memphis RiverKings have had a great start this season. But as their bus headed out of the parking lot of the CenturyTel Center tonight, I wonder how it was possible for them to feel confident atop the Northeast Division standings.
The Mudbugs are back, or at least it appears. Memphis is going to provide great competition is a highly competitive division, but dang tonight was a whoopin. In every phase. And I don't say that often, and not once this year (at least in the Mudbugs' favor). But if this is reflective of how the Mudbugs are going to play in the second half, all is definitely not lost.
We'll see though. There's a long way to go.

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The Mudbugs lead 5-1 and chaos has erupted, just like I thought.

Well the shutout's gone.
A 5-on-3 goal spoiled rookie John DeCaro's chance at a shutout Friday night. The blast from the top of the left circle came from Jason Sessa.

OK, it's 4-0 to start the third and I expected fireworks
Nothing yet. However, the RiverKings just spent the entire two minutes of a power play in the Mudbugs' zone without a stoppage. You don't see that too often.

No, 3-zip
Cam Abbott gives the Mudbugs a 3-0 lead

Chris Gustafson scores to make it 2-0.

After a LENGTHY delay, we're back at it. It was great to see the compilation of fights from the 2003-04 season on the big screen. Chris Brassard's bout against Memphis was simply a classic!

The start of the second period has been delayed a good 15 minutes due to issues with the glass near the Memphis bench. It took the CTC crew abotu 10 minutes to find a pane of glass, but it ended up being the wrong one.
Now they are taking a second shot at it. This one doesn't look promising either.

Bugs emerge with 1-0 lead from spirited first period
Karlis Zirnis scored the only goal of the opening 20 minutes when he was able to knock home a rebound. The Mudbugs outshot Memphis 16-8 and the energy was definitely present. A pleasant sight, considering the Mudbugs have played one game in roughly two weeks. John DeCaro hasn't been tested often in net, but is perfect nonetheless. Larry Sterling made a few big saves to prevent a bigger Bossier-Shreveport lead.

There was plenty of hitting in the firstm and a good bout between the Mudbugs Jason Williamson and Memphis' Steve Makway.
Williamson and Makway both landed quality shots in the rather-lengthy bout. The fight only ended because they were both gasses. The linesmen didn't need to pull them apart. They gladly skated to their respective penalty boxes.

Losses and gains
The Mudbugs suffered a big loss this week when goaltender Ken Carroll went down with a knee injury. However, the team will welcome back defenseman Ryan Fairbarn and forward Milan Vodrazka at the CenturyTel Center.
Tonight's game is a biggie. Of course, now, every game with Memphis is huge. The RiverKings are beginning to pull away in the Northeast and the Mudbugs are, gasp, last!


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