Saturday, October 28, 2006

10-27 and 10-28 AT MEMPHIS (L, 3-1 and L, 2-1, SO)

Another tough one in Memphis tonight. The Mudbugs clearly left the momentum from Thursday's victory against Laredo at home.
Take away the second and third periods against the Bucks and what do you have this season?
Not much (two goals in the past 2-plus hockey games).
But, of course, this is the M.O. of the Mudbugs. Start slow. The team is struggling offensively and it's crazy to think what might be happening had Mr. Ori and Nason and Zirnis not come to the rescue.
It's not time to panic, but four losses in five games is no reason to be excited either.
Yes, the Mudbugs did defeat the defending champion Laredo Bucks on Thursday, but my fear is that was a rivalry win. In rivalries, disparities in talent are usually nullified due to the increased level of emotions. Clearly the Mudbugs had that against the Bucks.
Question is, which is the real Mudbugs' team? Thursday's or the other four games?
Unlike the folks who e-mailed me following the Laredo win, telling me I was out of my mind picking Memphis to finish ahead of the Mudbugs, I'll do the right thing and wait to respond.
Mind you, my selection was made before names like Zirnis, Ori, Williamson and Nason were possibilities.
The Mudbugs play 10 of 12 games on the road to start the season. This could either get really ugly, or it could be an incredible wave of momentum to build on.


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