Monday, April 24, 2006

4/24 BUGS vs. COLORADO (GAME 5 -- A fan's perspective)

Down to the last minute and a half...
Time: 9:25

Okay... for the last few minutes I'm going to just type as things happen...

Colorado takes out their goalie to put another person on the ice

Everyone is scrambling for the puck... It's getting pretty violent down there!

2 seconds left...


Nothing left for Colorado to do but pack their bags and go home!!

Good one, Cash
Time: 9:08

There's been some really great saves from Cacciola tonight, including one just moments ago where the puck actually bounced up into the air a couple of feet in front of him that he effortlessly caught. Man's got some sick skills.

Colorado Goal
Time: 9:04

Scored by Parillo with assists from Harisburg and Cook 7:45 into the 3rd. Mudbugs' defense is going good tonight, so it may be pretty hard for Colorado to score again.

Time: 9:03

4,926. Less than the last game!! Where is everyone?? Come on people!! These are the best games of the season!! Let's get the attendance up!!

A little birdy just told me that...
Time: 8:46

There are two Laredo Bucks in attendance tonight. How interesting...

Time: 8:25

The 2nd period hasn't really been a very eventful period. We scored, but that's about it.

Loving the Signs
Time: 8:25

A couple of fans from section 115 brought some great signs tonight... One said Clear, next said The, last said Zone. Lucky for them, that great guy who runs the soundbooth played the song that coordinates with that phrase, giving them the perfect opportunity to show them off. How neat is that?

2 - 0
Time: 8:09

Bugs score 8:07 into the 2nd. Sheppard scored the goal with some help from Smith and Lightbody.

Time: 7:14

Powerplay goal scored 5:54 into the first by Dale Lupul after a nice pass from Scott Sheppard. Blair Manning also gets credited an assist on that one.

2nd Powerplay
Time: 7:12

The Bugs are entering their second powerplay opportunity just 5 minutes into the game.

Look who it is!
Time: 6:55

I'm sure practically everyone in the arena tonight is thinking the same thing... Of all the games in all of the playoffs, how did Steve Cruickshank end up being the Referee at this one? What were the odds of that one? This is going to be an interesting game...

I've never been good at introductions...

I've been told that I must introduce myself tonight on the blog... I'd prefer to remain anonymous, but its not my call. So, here we go: Hi! My name is Amy Stockton. I have been a Bugs fan since their inaugural season. I was lucky enough to meet Roy Lang and I somehow convinced him to let me write these things. Well, enough about me, let's get to the game...


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