Thursday, April 06, 2006

Game 3 - A Fan's Perspective

A Beautiful Game
Time: 9:45 P.M.

Well, the Bugs win it 4-0. Congrats to Cacciola on his 3rd professional shut-out. Man's got some sick skills.

Wichita just wasn't into it tonight. There was no spark in them.

Stars of the night: 1. David Cacciola, 2. Chris Brassard, & 3. Quade Lightbody. David truly deserved to be #1 tonight. He poured everything he had into it. Congrats again dude on the shut-out.

Go Bugs... keep playing like tonight and we can say hello to the President's Cup!

No goalie = Easy goal
Time: 9:39 P.M.

19:17 into the 3rd, Manning scores a short-handed empty net goal.

Time: 9:28 P.M.

Bugs shot... it should have been a goal. Silly L'Ecuyer. Let the booing begin...

There's nothing like listening to a crowd of over 4,000 chant, "Ref you suck!" at the top of their lungs.

Drop the gloves...
Time: 9:25 P.M.

Chad Spurr and Ben Murphy go at it towards the center of the ice at 11:30 into the 3rd. Pretty good fight. Both end up in the box with 5 minute majors for fighting. Ryan Coghlan also ended up in the Thunder's box with a 2 minute minor for roughing.

Shoved against the glass
Time: 8:45 P.M.

Campbell just cross-checked Scott Rozendal. Hit Rozendal so hard his helmet came off. Go Soupy!

Cutting it close there, Cash
Time: 8:42 P.M.

Cacciola is a great goalie. That's obvious. But tonight he has more than just skill on his side, he has luck there, too... he managed to block a shot that he likely would have missed if he had been thinking about it. The shot was not planned, so he didn't have much time to think about it. Seconds later, luck strikes again when a blocked shot reflects backwards towards the end of the goal that he's not blocking. If a Wichita player had been on that side of the net, Cacciola likely wouldn't have had enough reaction time to block it. Luck is on his side tonight, and that's a very good thing for both him and the Bugs.

Literally seconds later, players from both teams basically dog-pile onto Cacciola trying to get the puck. L'Ecuyer (the ref) just stood there and watched for about 10 seconds, probably trying to decide whether or not he should blow his whistle. He did. FINALLY. It's times like this one that really makes me wonder what goes through the minds of referees...

Thunder needs to step up
Time: 8:40 P.M.

Either Cacciola is having a really good night, or the Thunder's hearts aren't into this game. At the end of the second they have one more shot on goal than the Bugs, but no goals. I can't decide if its from all of the broken sticks they've suffered through tonight, or if its because they are playing more for the penalties than the goals. If the series continues this way (keep your fingers crossed), we can wave bye-bye to Wichita this Sunday!

Just for Blank... I was told to mention that the hot tub crowd at the top of 114 is very wild tonight. I'll admit, they are probably the most spirited bunch I've ever seen in the hot tub at a game.

Time: 8:33

Ryan Manitowich scores 15:20 into the second making the score now 3-0. Brassard and Spurr got the assists for that one, putting them close to the top of my "Players that are on the Ball" List. Brassard has already scored once this game, and this marks Spurr's second assist of the game. Let's hope they can keep it up for the 3rd.

Right there!
Time: 8:25-ish (I say -ish because the blog site went down for a while and I am having to estimate the time)

The Bugs must have heard me. At least Scott Sheppard did. 9:21 into the second, Shep decides to be there. After a great pass from Minard to Smith, Sheppard got in postion near the goal for Smith to send him a beautiful slow pass that Shep not only caught, he slapped it into the goal. Poor Laplante didn't even see it coming. He was manning the other side of the net. Thanks to Shep for being there for this one... I knew someone could do it.

Where were you on that one?
Time: 8:20 P.M.

Watching the Bugs play tonight makes me wonder... where are they? One player gets a break-a-way and hauls up the ice to the goal... he sees the other team closing in on him, and hangs back for a sec to try to pass the puck to someone else. But, no one's ever there. Just makes me wonder how many goals the Bugs would already have tonight if someone had been.

End of the first...
Time: 7:50 P.M.

So its the end of the first. If you aren't here, you aren't missing much yet. Shots on goal this period: Bugs 15, Thunder 14. The Bugs have done well with keeping the puck where they want it until someone goes to the box. The Thunder hasn't scored on any of their power plays, but I wouldn't breathe a sigh of relief just yet. The way they look tonight, anything could happen. Both teams look like they know what's on the line, and nothing is getting in their way.

Tids & Bits from intermission -
- Different music! Its great to have a change in the music. I know that I was starting to know the exact times that songs were played since the same songs were played at the same time every night. The song being played right now is a nice dance song with a salsa kind of twist to it. Very different from the songs they were playing at the games before.
- Penguin Racing. This should really be a sport. Okay, maybe not really, but you have to admit it is pretty funny to watch people dress up in giant penguin suits and run around the ice. Tons of fun.

Spoke Too Soon
Time: 7:35

I guess I spoke a little soon... its starting to look like the ref's going to call everything. In less than a minute, he's put 2 Bugs in the box. Sheppard and Wildfong are now both waiting patiently (as patiently as can be expected, I suppose) for their minor penalties to expire. Let's hope the team can hold it together and not spend the entire night in the box!

Time: 7:15 P.M.

I'm sure that by the title of this blog it's obvious that this isn't Roy Lang. I am a fan who was lucky enough to get the opportunity to write the blog. I was supposed to be writing the real blog, but due to some confusion (Thanks Roy!) someone else is. So, I am writing this one. It may not be as professional, and it may not be as in-depth, but this is from the perspective of a true fan.

Catching Up:

Okay - 3:51 into the first period Brassard scores with some help from Spurr. Great shot, too.
- Couple good saves from Cacciola, nothing too spectacular though yet. I'm sure we'll see
some great saves by him though before the end of the night.
- It's only 10:15 into the first and there has already been a slew of penalaties called. So far
the officiating has been pretty even. No one can say the refs are leaning more towards
one team... yet.


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