Friday, April 21, 2006

4/21 BUGS VS COLORADO - A Fan's Perspective

1:58 to go...
Time: 9:31

Pressure is mounting... The Eagles just got off a time out. Let's see if it was worth it...

Colorado is without goalie, yet the puck is staying down by Cash...

All 5 Bugs are surrounding Cash...

Cash makes a great save...

PALAHICKY GETS A BREAKAWAY AND SCORES!! 26.2 seconds left... I think we all know who won this one!!


Whoa... Still 18.83 seconds left... what else could possibly happen??

Cook and Shaw are out with game misconducts... another Eagle sits in the box...

and there's the buzzer!!! THE BUGS WIN GAME 3!!

And yes, I'm going to say it again, regardless of what some people from other blogs may think, let's hope the Bugs can keep this up in the next two games. GO MUDBUGS!!!

Getting pretty scary...
Time: 9:25

The teams are getting pretty aggressive out there... The suspense is building... The plays are becoming more intense, the players are becoming a little antzy... What a great game to be at!

Time: 9:15

5,008. 5,008. Colorado has had 109 sellouts in a row, and the Bugs barely break 5,000. Where are all the fans? Where'd they go? I thought that since this was a playoff game the attendance would be at least 5,500. This crowd has been pretty lively tonight, and that somewhat makes up for the lack of peole filling the stands.

The Good Brian
Time: 8:56

Did you know: Times' writed Brian McCallum has attended 4 Mudbugs playoff games (not including this one) and each time, the Bugs have won. So, if the Bugs win tonight while Brian is in attendance, we'll all know why -- Because of Brian!!

Tid bit from the 2nd Intermission
Time: 8:46

Three kids are running in the penguin races. Two older ones and one little one. Clawed, being the big kid he is, decided to help the little one out, and held the two older kids back. The little kid won, mostly thanks to Clawed. How sweet!

Bugs score again
Time: 8:36

Manning gives the Bugs a 2-goal lead with a goal 17:27 into the 2nd. Assists go to Lupul and Minard.

Can't say that one doesn't count!
Time: 8:27

Guess the Bugs won't let that non-goal goal get them down... Manitowich scores at 13:44 into the 2nd with help from Brassard & Basile. The Bugs are now leading, 2 - 1.

No goal?? Are you kidding me?
Time: 8:20

The Bugs should have scored. But, the ref says Fonger touched Colaiacovo so the goal doesn't count. Called it incidental contact, and ruled it no goal. At least the fans got to have fun yelling "Ref you suck" again. That chant never gets old.

Bugs tie it up
Time: 8:02

Jason Campbell put the Bugs back in the game after a nice wrister from Chris Brassard 1:58 into the 2nd.

End of the First
Time: 7:39

It's a few minutes into the first intermisson. Rob Walker just gave away $200 to a guy who shot a goal from the middle line. Maybe we could use that guy on the team tonight... Out of 19 shots on goal, Colaiacovo only had to actually try to block a couple of good shots.

Colorado Goal
Time 7:26

Yeah, they scored. Well, honestly, it wasn't so much them that scored, but that doesn't matter.

So, with 8:05 left in the first, the Eagles hold the lead at 1 -0.

Not quite a fight
Time: 7:22

Chris Shaw and Sean Robertson kind of went at each other... Nothing too impressive, but if they are getting this rough this early, who knows what'll happen next.

Let's go...
Time: 7:05

Cacciola's in goal tonight... Maybe one day we'll get to see Carroll start again. Barely 4 minutes into the game and already it looks as though this is going to be a violent game.

The fans have already started the "Ref You Suck" chants... This is going to be fun.


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