Monday, November 21, 2005

11-22 BUGS vs. YOUNGSTOWN (L, 7-6 in shootout)

Shootout results
Youngstown - Jeff Christian - Backhand glove side low for a goal
Mudbugs - Scott Sheppard - Wrist shot five hole that was blocked.
Youngstown - Jonathan Gagnon - Beautiful move five hole that was blocked (It was that pretty of a move folks.)
Mudbugs - Jason Basile - Wrist shot five hole that was off the mark to the stick side.
Youngstown - Jeff Richards - Forehand glove side low for a goal.
Mudbugs - Ryan Manitowich - Backhand glove side that was blocked.
Youngstown - Scott Barnes - Went five hole and was blocked.
Mudbugs - Brett Smith - Went backhand to the glove side low and was blocked.

Just like that the Mudbugs are getting out of here with only one point.

Final shot tally was 32-22 in favor of the Mudbugs.

I gave my three stars to the following:

Third star - Blair Manning - Forward had 4 assists and a +3.
Second Star - Scott Barnes - Two goals on two shots plus the winning shootout goal.
First Star - Scott Sheppard for the hat trick.

I hope you enjoyed the Blog and I will see you on Friday night.
Montana has left the building.

It was 3 on 3 with Chad Kemp and Kris Mallete both sitting in the box on matching minors. Now Dan Wildfong and Darryl Lloyd have went off. Pretty soon we are going to see the goaltenders just shooting the pucks back and forth to each other with no skaters.

Scott Barnes and Jeff Christian scored 13 seconds apart to tie the game at 6. This is not good times at all. We might really need a record by Blair Manning to pull this out. I absolutely have no idea where this game is going to end up. It is kind of like watching an episode of Lost where you are laughing, you are just figuring out the secrets, and then just like that Boone dies. Then the monsters aren't monsters but they are people. Now Shannon is dead and Walt is a ghost or something. I am totally lost with Lost and I have no freaking idea what is happening here in this game because we had numerous chances to put this thing to bed.

Blair Manning just assisted on a goal on Jason Basile giving him four for the game. This is the 16th time this has happened in team history. Okay, with seven goals do we get a chili fries and a corn dog? Work with me here Sonic. The great news is that I believe the Youngstown players can take advantage of this so they are really letting us feed them dinner by letting us score and cutting down on their per diem.

Sheppard scores with 14:40 to go to give him his second hat trick of the season. Time to start a bake sale Booster club. The game is not over by any means though because Youngstown is getting some great chances right now and the only points that matter are the two points at the end of the night.

I can taste the Cherry Limeade right now.

If we score six goals do we get an order of chili fries also?

Attendance for tonight is 5669. I was only 40 off not bad.

Scott Sheppard has two goals at the end of two periods. Blair Manning has two assists. Brett Smith has a goal and an assist so far tonight. Ryan Manitowich has a goal. It is nice to see that all three lines are producing, especiall after finishing Saturdays game against Memphis with only two healthy lines.

The Steelhounds are being outshot 28-12.

Penalties are pretty even at 8-7 Mudbugs.

Fort Worth is leading Colorado 3-1 in the second.

Spurr is back on the bench after missing some time in the second period.

So far everybody is following the script. One more period to go.

This seems like the perfect time to thank not only Roy Lang for this opportunity (have a great vacation buddy), but to thank my baby for the use of her computer. I promise you sweetheart that I know nothing about those websites that left cookies on your computer. Seriously. I was looking for a room for us in Paris at the Hilton hotel. Honestly.

Sometimes you see a play develop before it does develop. Kind of like when you are watching CSI: Miami and you know that David Caruso is going to put his sunglasses on and overact during a scene. One of those just played out right in front of the press box when Dan Wildfong glided the puck to an empty spot in front of the Youngstown goal and Scott Sheppard knocked it home. We are one goal away from going to Sonic for free drinks. Mmmmmmm...Cherry Limeade.

No more goaltending smack since we are now tied after a goal by Marc Andre-Roy tied it up. Right now two old teammates Matt Nicholson and Quade Lightbody are in a darn good fight at the Youngstown blue line. We will give that round to Quade but Matt Nicholson just got some respect from his fans here in Shreveport. Everybody in the press box is talking about how that fight was one of the best fights in the past two years at the CTC. I would have to agree. Just two heavyweights trading blows. Good times.

Chad Spuff is not on the bench right now, not good times.

We knew it was only a matter of time, but Chris Richards just put one in the basket on a two man advantage to make the score 3-2. We need to give Cacciola a little love here. Isn't Cacciola Italian for sieve?

Earlier tonight Scott Sheppard, Ryan Manitowich, and Brett Smith received plaques for their hat tricks. Who scored the first three goals tonight? Sheppard, Manitowich, and Smith.

At the end of the first period the score is 3-1 in favor of the Mudbugs.

The shots are in our favor as well with an 18-4 advantage.

Chad Kemp did get back on the ice and assisted on the second goal.

On a side note is there any other job like a referee or linesman where you get booed when you go to work? Nobody boos the fry cook at your local fast food establishment when they come in do they (especially if they watched the movie Waiting this summer)?

Right now there are a bunch of kids trying to shoot a puck in the net for a chance to win $50.00. Does this mean they lose their amateur status if they do win the money?

By the way, our goalie sucks. He only stopped three shots that period. R2D2 would have stopped all four.

I found the Stargate to our offense and it is me making fun of our goalie. Brett Smith just scored to make it a 2-1 game. Shane Palahicky and Chad Kemp assisted. Lets do it again. Cacciola sucks.

Just like that Daryl Lloyd takes a penalty for a hit at mid ice on Chad Kemp (who exited to the dressing room, more on this later). Mudbugs go on the power play and Ryan Manitowich bangs home a goal to make it a 1-1 game. Let's try it again. Do you know what kind of meal Cacciola would be if was an Italian dish? Shrimp Cacciola. This is really tough.
As soon as I published my last post Scott Barnes from Youngstown scored on a power play goal. Perhaps if I start digging on the Mudbug goalie we can score. Lets try it out. David Cacciola's metallic headgear makes him look like a real stocky version of C3PO. Good times. We do have a pretty good crowd at the CenturyTel Center tonight with a crowd that I will guess is right around 5629.

The Mudbug Boiler booster club is giving out plaques to the player who score hat tricks during the year. With four hat tricks in the first 13 games the booster club better start having some more car washes or they are going to go broke. In goal tonight for the Youngstown Steelhounds (I am still not sure what a Steelhound is) is Simon St. Pierre. So far this year the Mudbugs are 2-2 against goaltenders with a "St." in their name (not counting Larry Sterling from Fort Worth). While I am at it I should point out that St. Pierre is wearing a bright baby blue helmet and mask tonight. Very pretty helmet Simon.

Defenseman Jeremy Downs from Newfield, NY is dressed for tonight. He is sporting the number 18 jersey. Scott Sheppard is also skating during the pregame which is a welcome sight considering the hit he took last week that warranted a 3 game suspension for Wichita Thunder center Ryan Coghlan. Right now the crowd is being treated to the song "I Wanna Drive the Zamboni" by the Zambonis which is one of the greatest sporting event songs of all time. It is right up there with Sam Cooke's "Chain Gang" at a football game. Seriously though, lets hope that the Bugs aren't as flat as Brooke Burke's stomach tonight. We need these points.

Well, it's clear the Mudbugs will get back on track this weekend as I will be out of town. Taking my place for the GameBlog will be Scott McLeod. I assure you he will be much funnier, and much more capable of laying the smack down to nasty e-mailers!


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